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High Impact Skills Bootcamp Program
by Ministry of IT & Telecommunication


High Impact Skills Bootcamps for new and emerging ICT technologies are being established as a pilot project in Pakistan. These bootcamps are being organized in collaboration with service providers using the Train the Trainer (TOT) concept. The initial locations for the bootcamps are Islamabad and Karachi.

Institutions and academia often face challenges in updating their curriculums and allocating resources promptly to meet the fast-growing demand for emerging technologies like Cloud Computing, Data Science (AI, ML), Cybersecurity, and Blockchain. Experts in these fields have made specific recommendations to enhance the government's efforts in improving the knowledge and skills base. The development of such skills will not only benefit the local industry but also create opportunities for exporting high-value services to international markets with high demand.

The Bootcamp Service Provider is currently offering a standardized coursework and methodology that can serve as a valuable guideline for universities and other educational institutions. This guidance aims to train students for future job roles in Software Development, particularly in the domains of Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Blockchain technology. These efforts are targeted for the next decade, spanning from 2020 to 2029.

High Impact Skills Bootcamp Program Aims:
  1. Offer advanced and intensive training in highly sought-after technologies that have significant demand and provide excellent employment opportunities both nationally and internationally.
  2. Support the enhancement of knowledge and skills in the IT industry, academia, and public sector IT organizations, aiming to uplift the overall competency levels.
  3. Implement the "Train the Trainer" concept, focusing on developing a pool of experts and intellectuals in emerging technology fields. This approach aims to create a sustainable cycle of knowledge transfer and skill development, empowering trainers to effectively disseminate their expertise to a wider audience.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Faculty Members of HEC Accredited University:

  1. Must be a Pakistani National having valid CNIC
  2. Must have completed at least 16 years of education in information and communication technology domain
  3. Must be serving any HEC accredited university

Information and Communication Technology Graduates:

  • 1. Must be a Pakistani National having valid CNIC
  • 2. Must have completed at least 16 years of education in information and communication technology domain
  • 3. Qualify the test and interview
  • 4. Both employed and unemployed graduates are eligible to apply


  • 1. Islamabad
  • 2. Karachi

Please note the following:

  1. Upon final selection, candidates will be required to sign a Declaration Form using the prescribed format, indicating their commitment to complete the training program.
  2. We ensure equal opportunities for female applicants, promoting gender inclusivity and diversity throughout the selection process.
  3. It is important to highlight that this bootcamp is entirely free of cost. If, at any stage of the selection or training process, you are asked to pay any amount, please report it to us immediately.

1. Duration of the Training/Bootcamp?

The duration is 16 weeks, Five days a week and from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

2. Mode of training?

Training will be conducted Physically in Islamabad and Karachi. Venues will be accessible by public transport, however to be disclosed to shortlisted applicants

3. There are any charges for the bootcamp?

No, there is no any charges.

4. What kind of certifications will be provided upon successful completion of the Bootcamp?

Training Certificate by MoIT&T and FREE exam voucher for Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE) Certification

5. Minimum Eligibility Requirement is must?

Yes, completion of 16 years of education is must. Also, you must upload your Transcript or Degree on the portal.